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Do you want to make your products or services unforgettable experiences? We will make them stand out. At PhenomenArts, we use animations to make information more accessible, engaging and exciting.

With the help of video, audio and post-production we get the most out of your video material. Together, we design your requirements and bring your idea to life. If we can help you with at least one of the following points, it would be our pleasure to become your trusted partners for animation.


Great production calls for great planning. Even before the first image is rendered or shot, we think about the actual message and storyline. In the end, the work should not only look and sound great, but inspire the audience with its contents. Together with our clients, we design scripts and create moodboards and stills as well as drawn storyboards. This is how we ensure that the important information and emotions are the center of attention during the production.

2D Animation

2D animation is a proven and charming way to tell complex stories and to let the audience participate in the events directly. Through various artistic styles, we give your animation a unique touch and put you, your product or service in the limelight.

3D Animation

With help of the third dimension, you will definitely cast a spell over your target group. Spectacular graphics and animations with concentrated picture power are perfect for announcing your products or presenting your innovative company. Together, we will find the right style for your needs.

Character Animation

Every good story needs a protagonist. Be it your digital twin, a mascot, a product or the much-anticipated superhero. We animate two-dimensional and three-dimensional characters and send them to the stage. Our fully-rigged and weighed character models are also suitable for video games.

Live-Action Film

Sometimes not all assets need to be redeveloped because the real world already offers all imaginable wonders and pictures. We also capture reality from the best perspective and produce both live-action and mixed-reality footage. For us, animation and film are not opposites, they go hand in hand.

Visual Effects

Do you already have a product or image video or do you want to amaze your audience on a new level? We fire up your material with phenomenal special effects. Whether realistic, crazy or futuristic, thanks to state-of-the-art animation software, we get 100% out of every single frame.

Video Production

After filming or rendering an animation, there's still quite a way to go until the final product. That's why we cut your footage precisely and combine the best clips into a coherent composition. We use smoothly animated transistions as well as hard cuts to focus the attention on what's most important.

Audio Production

Often the audiovisual component of an animation is just as important as the visual part. That's why we produce and use audio material that matches the character of the animation. In addition, we provide each scene with the right atmosphere and give its protagonists a voice.


After the fundamental material has been shot, rendered, cut and given a soundtrack, it goes into the post-production phase. This is where our work is optimized by every trick in the book. Usually, this includes color corrections and effects that give the video a continuously exceptional touch. The optimization of subtitles and transitions can also be a part of post-production.

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