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We want to thank our existing clients for their trust in our collaborative work and would also love to present your project here in the future. Here is a selection of projects we have worked on so far.


Responsive website and backend development

Winery Platzer

Responsive website and shop development


Award winning mobile app against discrimination

Hellwach Coffee

Corporate design for a coffee shop

Ideas take form

3D teaser animation in pen sketch style

Human Cities

Interactive catalogue app for EU wide exhibitions

Dance Bots

3D animation for MapLab Electronics Festival 2015

Let's Challenge

Smartphone app for competitive social platform

Weltweitwandern Wirkt!

Responsive website development

Young Creatives Panther

Mixed reality teaser trailer for YCP2013

Design Monat Graz

3D animation Design Monat Graz 2013

Content Management System

Intuitive and extensible CMS software

Dance with death

2D animation for public event of Hospiz Steiermark

Bonsai Tree

3D meets 2D bonsai tree concept

University district Graz

Concept design for construction site in Graz


Responsive website and backend development

3D Hero

Fully rigged 3D hero character concept

Bean sprout

2D animation concept for fairytale interpretation


Rigged and animated video game character

Holzbau Lienhart

Responsive website and backend development

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