We create memories

Do you want your digital or physical products to both look and feel great? We know how it's done. At PhenomenArts, we create customized designs that are vivid, simple and users like to remember.

Our attention to detail and a user-oriented design process allow us to respond to the needs of our customers while giving character to our work. If we can help you with at least one of the following points, it would be our pleasure to become your trusted partners for design.

Web Design

To ensure your website, business application or webshop gets the best possible reception, we create web design that looks phenomenal, is easy to use and works on any screen. In addition to the responsive behavior, we also pay attention to the technical feasibility and correct positioning of the focus points.

App Design

The world of apps is a fast-paced one. As most apps are quickly removed from the users devices after installation, our app designs ensure that your apps stand out from the crowd and attract the attention of users at first and the second glance. Our designs are optimized for all device sizes, aspect ratios and pixel densities in addition to quick and easy operation.

Interface Design

Whether it's a desktop application, information terminal or online application, when it comes to efficient interfaces, fast and logical operation is more important than ever. That's why we rely on clean lines, colors, layouts and input masks without overloading the screen with information.

Usability Design

People are at the center of every consumer product or software application. That's why we rely on design that scores not only with a great look, but also with intelligent design, clear structures and frustration-free operation. We develop usability design together with the users while responding to their feedback and requirements.

Corporate Design

Since the first impression is important, we support our customers in developing their corporate identities. We help spread your entrepreneurial spirit to the world and reflect the personality of your company through a logo, stationery, business cards and promotional materials.

User Experience

We make sure that design becomes an experience. Used properly, applications and products can become memorable experiences that simply feel good, are exciting or create feelings of nostalgia.

2D Graphics

Hardly any medium is better suited for sharing complex ideas, concepts or experiences than two-dimensional graphics. We design simple and elaborate information graphics, icons, characters and more as vector or pixel graphics for marketing, entertainment and information distribution.

3D Graphics

Sometimes you need additional visual impact. In that case, we recommend the step into the third dimension. We design appealing visualizations, product renderings, marketing material and more. 3D graphics are also great for bringing your products closer to your customers or allowing them to participate in a virtual tour of your company.

Product Design

We support you in the conception of your products and develop design solutions that meet their needs. The selection of the right materials, colors and shapes is decisive for the success of a product as they determine the customer's first impression. That's why we value high quality and sustainability and make sure your products look and feel great without leaving a deep, ecological footprint.

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