BanHate is a project taking a step towards fighting online occuring hatespeech. It was made in cooperation with Golddiggers - Die Kreativagentur.

As part of the project, we developed a modern and easy to use smartphone app for iOS and Android devices as well as a secure API interface and administration software. Hate postings that get reported via the app are reviewed by the anti-discrimination office Antidiskriminierungsstelle Steiermark. The users who reported the hatespeech are updated about the progress of their report's review.

Together against discrimination

BanHate is an app for iOS and Android smartphones as well as tablets we developed in cooperation with Golddiggers - Die Kreativagentur in 2017. The app's purpose is to send a message against discrimination through online media like Facebook, Instagram and more. It offers its users a tool for reporting discriminating postings to the anti-discrimination authority Antidiskriminierungsstelle Steiermark. All reported postings are reviewed and if enough evidence is present, the case might even go to court.

Let's face public hate and take the first step against discrimination on the web. #banhate


European Youth Award 2017 - Gold in Active Citizenship
Green Panther 2017 - Silver in Online Communication

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App development (Android / iOS)

Backend development


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