Kreditaustria CRM (ISKUP)

ISKUP (Internal Software for Customer Management and Process Optimization) is a completely new CRM solution for Kreditaustria (B-I-S Beratung-Information-Service GmbH) in collaboration with Golddiggers - Die Kreativagentur.

The system optimizes the companies internal processes and acts as an effective sales tool for external cooperation partners. It therefore covers the entire workflow from customer registration to the settlement of sales commissions and accounting.

Project description and objectives

The aim of the project, which started in 2018, was to face the challenge of operational growth and the associated complexity of work processes and data management. In addition, a platform should be created that grows with the business requirements and can be extended and adopted continuously.

Another objective was the efficient integration of new external sales partners into the existing business processes. ISKUP makes it possible for them to record and access customer and financing data quickly and easily. A sophisticated authorization system ensures that every system user has access to the information and functions that are relevant to them.

The modern web-based implementation of the system enables both internal employees and external sales partners to do their work at any time, regardless of location and device, using the highest security standards.


  • User and organisation management
  • Customer, partner and activity management
  • Planning and creation of financing projects
  • Creation and tracking of biddings for banks
  • Commission allocation and accounting
  • Invoice generation and management
  • Integration of external data storages
  • Dynamic email generation
  • Dynamic PDF generation
  • Automated file sharing
  • Visibility and access control center

Technology stack

ASP.Net Core, .Net Core, Entity Framework Core, React JS, TypeScript, MSTest, xUnit, MOQ, Fluent Assertions, Puppeteer Sharp, Chromium, JEST, MSSQL / PostgreSQL, Nextcloud, Windows Server, IIS, Ubuntu, Apache, JIRA, GIT, Azure DevOps and many more.

Project flow

After the requirement analysis, a visual concept was worked out between Golddiggers - Die Kreativagentur and the customer. This concept was then refined and technically implemented by PhenomenArts in an iterative process. The application was divided into a basic system and additional modules. The project and version planning was carried out via JIRA and the resulting subtasks were tracked via a Kanban board. The basic system and modules were made available to the customer in a specially set up test environment. This allowed for the collection and incorporation of feedback in a dedicated test phase. After the completion of the mutually defined MVP (minimal viable product), a first version of ISKUP was put live on an internal server of the customer.

The iterative and agile development during productive operation follows the scheme below:

Requirement analysis or use-case definition → Concept and design → Technical implementation → Test phase → Feedback implementation → Production release

Our services in the project

API and backend development

Frontend development

Databank design

Integration of third-party services

Automatated tests (Unit and integration tests)

Server administration (Test and production server)



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